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September 16, 2013

This month (Sept 2013) I will make a big change to client base. I have decided not to continue with my largest client and have indeed replaced it with an exciting opportunity. Upon saying goodbye to all the contacts that I have worked with for 5 years I have been humbled by their comments to me:

“You will a be a light bulb missing from our lives”

“All the best and thank you for all your support over the last few years”

“aagh!  You have been soooooooo good.  Thank you for all your invaluable advice”

“Sorry to hear you are leaving, you will be greatly missed, you were and are a great asset and I personally will miss working with you. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours”

I am grateful to have met and worked with so many fantastic people who I know I will work with again. They are all super professionals in their businesses! The Hospitality business has great characters, hard workers and a positive future!

Fleming’s Restaurant was once a vision for Michael and Eileen Fleming. They bought this beautiful house many years ago and brought it back to its former glory. But they did more than that – they have guaranteed that it will be filled with laughter, fine food and wine for many years to come. Fleming’s Restaurant located in Tivoli commands great views overlooking the City of Cork.


Fleming’s Restaurant is now where a loving couple say those wonderful words “I Do”, where a couple celebrate their new arrival with family and friends, where families celebrate their child’s special moments – communions, confirmations and significant birthdays. As years have passed by the same families have returned for anniversaries, parties and yes eventually the children have chosen Fleming’s as the place for their wedding. Eileen believes that one of the attractions for a wedding at Fleming’s is the blank canvas, they can really put their stamp on the house, which they take over for the day, and make it their own. There are plenty of gardens for great photos, terrace for drinks, dining room to enjoy the amazing food that Michael and his team prepare and the bar downstairs for the sing song! Winter weddings have become especially popular as the twinkling lights, warm open fires all add to the wonderful atmosphere created there.


There are some secrets that remain, there are 3 guestrooms upstairs that guests can enjoy! Beautifully styled by Eileen herself. Michael is called upon on many occasions like this summer Fleming’s was the venue for a special Wine Geese Gathering event and he also was guest chef at “On the Pigs Back” gourmet dinner event during their festival this year. Michael’s global experience has stood him well and using the best of local produce creates special meal after meal!  Fleming’s is intimate but within easy reach of all parts of Cork and is perfect for a meal for two and a celebration for a larger group. Cork  is very lucky to have a place like this on their doorstep!

Summer Salad

Call 0214821621 to make your booking or to chat to Eileen about your special day!


Travel bloggers a boon to hotel marketing

May 8, 2013

GLOBAL REPORT—Despite the recent blasting travel bloggers received on BBC’s“Fast Track” travel program for their lack of authenticity and eagerness to accept freebies, more and more hotel groups are turning to this growing group of online influencers as a key part of their communications strategies. “Travel bloggers have become much more important to our PR and [...]

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